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Who we are:
Perigee Health was founded by clinicians with the mission of developing needed software applications to make healthcare more efficient for providers and create better patient outcomes.

Who we work with:
Perigee Health creates solutions for all types of healthcare entities ranging from independent retail pharmacies, small community hospitals, integrated healthcare organizations, large drug manufacturers, and government agencies.

What makes us unique:
Perigee Health tools are quick to implement, easy to use, and very intuitive. Our customized software applications are developed for niche needs that are not adequately met by large EHRs or other modalities. Data is shared securely via industry standards and is fully HIPAA compliant. Founded in 1997, Perigee Health, Inc. is privately owned. We develop, install, and support all our applications in-house. Our team includes clinicians, developers and workflow experts and we are dedicated to improving outcomes at reasonable prices.

How our software is implemented and maintained:
Because we use an Microsoft development environment, all applications are web based and only a browser is needed to access the software. If a change or upgrade is installed, all users have the update with no desktop installations needed.

How our software is priced:
In order to avoid large capital expenditures, all of our applications use a SAAS price model with a very affordable monthly fee for the duration of the product's use. All of applications are developed with ROI in mind. If there is not a strong return on investment then the application will not be developed.

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